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Oxfam Belgium

Award Winner!

Oxfam 50 Year Jubilee - Testimonial ‘Kelly’


  • Silver Dolphin Award - Corporate Media & TV-Festival Cannes - 2015
  • Intermedia Globe Silver - World Media Festival Hamburg - 2016


To celebrate the 50 year Jubilee of Oxfam Belgium, we did a series of eight testimonials featuring a representative selection of volunteers - young and old(er) - giving their very best for Oxfam Belgium.

They tell us in a very spontaneous, informal and relax way about their motivation and their genuine belief - and hope - to achieve a better world in volunteering for Oxfam..

The film director managed to bring out the best in every character, and having the camera on during preparative talks with the volunteers provided the most funny quotes and reactions.

By deliberately using these so called cut-outs in the editing, we managed to epitomize each testimony and bring the contagious enthusiasm of all participants to life.

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