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Bozo Film Company is a full service production company, with more than 20 years of expertise in audiovisual corporate communication. We provide advice and assist you in the briefing process, the conception, the production and the realization of corporate movies, interactive media and website videos. Our target industries are mainly but not exclusively, the following.


Corporate movies are our core business. For the needs of SMB’s and multinationals, we offer creative solutions at any budget

Public sector

Raising awareness and offering information is one of our strong points. We’ve demonstrated this for many regional, federal and national government, but also for many European institutions

Health care

We translate medical information into clear-cut videos with respect for patients privacy and the integrity of healthcare providers


We provide our knowledge and creativity for the social nonprofit and healthcare sector, patient associations and social pressure groups



Latest Work

Our core business? Audiovisual corporate communication, for both internal and external use. You will find below a selection of our movies per category. Watch and enjoy!

About us

Bozo Film Company has been founded to meet the demand of some of our corporate clients. 20 years of workmanship, experience and expertise combined with involvement and authenticity… we have rightly earned our place in the top of our sector.

Bozo Film Company stands for...

Targeted visual corporate communication. It is all about impact! The message must get across and call to action! We perfectly understand what you have in mind and we turn your ideas into image and sound.

A seamless process, in which the different steps, from concept to delivery, flow one into the other. This process is not as easy and effortless as it seems. It requires an in-depth analysis and a thorough preparation. But it certainly pays off! In addition, we want to make this process as smooth as possible for you! For this reason, you will have at your disposal a single point of contact who will steer everything from the inside and will keep you constantly posted. This allows quick adjustments and more straightforward decision making – another way to save money and time.

100% reliability. We always meet our commitments, both in terms of deadlines or costs. In other words: you will never be facing unpleasant surprises. If the mission is extended or some additional issues have to be addressed during the project, we will discuss together how to deal with them.

Our approach

There is no doubt in your mind: you want a corporate movie! Count on our expertise to get the job done. It is up to you to decide how much your input rate and our contribution rate will be.

You want us to take full charge? = 100% 

No problem, we will take care of everything, from the concept, the creation and the production until the final result.

You already have a tremendous idea? = 75%

Great! We give shape to your ideas.

You perfectly know what you want, we execute = 50% 

You tell us in detail what you want and we make sure that it gets technically done.


All our missions, large or small, are equally important to us. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. That is our philosophy; it keeps us sharp and it ensures you get the best possible result.

Nogmaals een oprechte en welgemeende proficiat met de corporate video van UZ Leuven!

Onze CEO was (...) na de voorstelling (...) enthousiast en super tevreden met het resultaat! Dank je wel dus aan jullie voor het mooie geschreven en originele scenario, voor het mooie filmwerk en voor het geslaagde montagewerk ook!

UZ Leuven
Dienst Communicatie

Congratulations on the corporate film of UZ Leuven!

After the screening, our CEO was very enthusiastic and extremely satisfied with the result! It was a beautifully written and original scenario, it was visually stunning, and the editing brought it all together!’

UZ Leuven
Communications Department

Bedankt voor de fijne samenwerking en het goede resultaat!

Veerle Vanderlinden
Verantwoordelijke Communicatie, PR & Kwaliteit bij Audit Vlaanderen

Wat een mooi resultaat! Echt prachtig in beeld gebracht, zowel technisch als de inhoud ondersteunend. (...) Als je de mensen van het filmhuis nog hoort, breng ook hen dan een pluim op hun hoed over. Zij hebben de inhoud echt wel ‘gevoeld’ en heel mooi in beeld gebracht, ondersteund met tekst en muziek.

Karine Mertens
Sectorverantwoordelijke bij Familiehulp

Dikke proficiat, schitterend!! Dankbare groeten, Dominique.

Dominique Ballegeer
Voorzitter vzw Jakoeboe (vluchtelingenwerk)

Bozo Film Company staat garant voor kwaliteitsreportages. De regisseur denkt mee na over het concept, werkt zich helemaal in in de materie en staat open voor suggesties. En dat zie je in het resultaat. Bovendien werkt de cameraploeg met het grootste respect, een sine qua non in onze ziekenhuisomgeving.

Katja Genné
Communicatiespecialist bij UZ Leuven

Compliments for the video flooding in from our colleagues across the network.

Catherine Simmons
Internal Communications Officer EUREKA

FYI : we krijgen heel positieve reacties op de nieuwe presentation clip !

Verfrissende look and feel !!

Luc Vandeputte
Deputy Secretary General of the EPP

Nogmaals bedankt voor de snelle reactie vandaag en uiteraard voor jullie aangename en professionele samenwerking.

Ewa Lucyk
3i Communications for Mars Global Food

I just wanted to let you know that the video was a success!! Members liked it a lot and have asked for links to put it on their websites and told me that I have to find further ways to publicise it (will do!).

Lisa Kretschmann
Managing Director European Federation of Envelope Manufacturers (FEPE)


Bozo Film Company has received several awards on International Corporate Film & Media Festivals.

Hamburg 2017 - Silver Award
Intermedia-globe Silver Award "Yesterday, today, tomorrow!" Ghent University
US international Film Festival 2017 - Silver Screen Award
Silver Screen Award "Dare to Think!" Ghent University
New York Festival 2017
Bronze World Medal "Dare to Think!" Ghent University
IQ One World Award 2017
International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers
Hamburg 2017 - Grand Award
Intermedia-globe Grand Award "Dare to Think!" Ghent University
Hamburg 2017 - Gold Award
Intermedia-globe Gold Award "Dare to Think!" Ghent university
US international Film Festival 2017
Concept & Scriptwriting "Dare to think!" Ghent university
Belgian Corporate Video Festival 2017
Special Award "Dare to think!" Ghent university
Hamburg 2016
Intermedia-globe Silver Award "OXFAM 50 Years"
Cannes 2015
Silver Dolphin "OXFAM 50 Years"
Hamburg 2015 - Special Award
Special Award "Hand in Hand"
Hamburg 2015
Intermedia-globe Silver Award "Switching The Poles"
Montreux 2016
Finalist Certificate "Oxfam 50 Years"
Cannes 2014
Silver Dolphin "Switching The Poles"

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