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Open Therapeuticum Louvain

Open Therapeuticum Louvain - Acquired brain injury

Before filming in this fragile setting we visited Open Therapeuticum several times and participated in daily activities to get acquainted with the staff - and especially with their clients (they don't call them patients). As we blended in with the team we became part of daily routine and were able to film and follow the therapy for several days.

The result is a fly on the wall portrait of a unique habitat where clients are offered a new start in life.

Acquired brain injury is treated in a unique way in this open centre near Louvain. OTL was founded 10 years ago, by a mother refusing to accept her son would never return to normal life after being hit by a car. Today, he's self-reliant and realized his dream of having his own bike repair shop. The centre accompanies her clients (they don't call them patients) successfully towards a full societal integration by stimulating their individual potential and by taking into account their personal limits.

Open Therapeuticum Louvain
Health Care, Non Profit

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